Our Rhythm Of The Day

Your child is encouraged to explore and play at their own pace.  We have a rhythm of the day which is flexible and can change according to the interests and needs of your child.

We open at 7.00am and close at 6.00pm. A morning meeting is held at 9.30am where planned experiences or ongoing Reggio-inspired work is discussed.

Our children choose what they would like to do for the day! They may want to go to the park, spend time in the art studio, play outside or listen to a story. Our educators encourage and facilitate free play and choice.

We all meet together for lunch at about 11.30am. We have lunch outside at any given opportunity. This is a communal experience where children and educators sit together.

Any children who need a nap after lunch may have a nap in our very own Yonga room. Children who do not need a nap can spend time in the art studio, project room, outside or just relax within the centre.

In the afternoon our time is spent following through on planned learning experiences, collaborative group experiences, playing and having fun.

Afternoon tea is served at about 2.30pm and our centre closes at 6.00pm.